Bayer Agency Business

Bayer Agency Business är en del av Bayers verksamhet. Vi representerar en rad företag som tillhandahåller råmaterial för kemi- , teknik- och byggindustri.

Bayer Agency Business representerar en mängd företag och levererar råmaterial till olika delar av industrin i Norden och Baltikum. Exempelvis förser Agency Business industriföretag som har verksamhet inom kemi-, gummi-, plast-, läder- färg-, paketerings- och byggsektorn.

Bayer Agency Business är, bland andra, representant för Lanxess i Norden och Baltikum och har regionalt huvudkontor i Mölndal, Göteborg.

Utöver det har Agency Business genom lokala kontor närvaro i alla länder i regionen.

The Advanced Industrial Intermediates business unit is one of the most important suppliers of high-quality industrial chemicals in the world. Aromatic compounds play a prominent role in its wide product range.

The business unit now holds a strong market position in all the important business divisions. Our success is based on a dedicated customer focus and strict market orientation as well as the ability to pinpoint market trends and identify new business opportunities at an early stage.

The most important brands & products:

• Aromatic compounds: chlorobenzenes, chlorotoluenes, cresols, nitrotoluenes and their derivatives
• Amines, benzyl products, hydrofluoric acid and sulfuric acid
• Phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride
• Hydrazine Hydrate

Rhein Chemie Additives – ADD provides plastics additives, phosphorus and specialty chemicals such as organic and inorganic colorants. Day in and day out, this business unit is on the job meeting the needs of customers in a very wide range of industrial sectors. Our high-quality plastics additives improve the processability of materials and the properties of finished products. These include flame retardants with phosphorus chemicals as a basis, plasticizers that prevent plastics from becoming brittle and colorants that make the world a bit brighter. The ADD business unit also offers finishing chemicals that improve the function of products we use in everyday life. We also provide water treatment agents (Bayhibit®*) and specialty chemicals (e.g. Baypure®*).

The most important brands & products
• Mesamoll®, Adimoll®, Unimoll®, Ultramoll®, Triacetin (special plasticizers for processing polymers)
• Baymod®* (PVC modifiers)
• Mersolat® (emulsifiers for polymerization)
• Macrolex® (organic dyes for coloring plastics)
• Bayplast®* (organic pigments for coloring plastics)
• Levanyl® and Levanox® (pigment preparations)
• Solfort® (organic pigments)
• Bayscript®* (dyes and organic pigment dispersions for the manufacture of ink jet inks and the office supply industry)
• Disflamoll® and Levagard® (phosphorus-based flame retardants)
• Bayfomox®* (raw materials for the manufacture of plastics components with exceptional fire resistance endurance)
• Baypure®* (biodegradable dispersing and complexing agents)
• Bayhibit®* (phosphonates for water treatment)

ELIX Polymers is one of the most important manufacturers of ABS resins and derivatives in Europe, with 40 years of experience in engineering plastics and an installed capacity of 180ktons/year from their plant in Tarragona (Spain) to the world.

Their high performance products that meet the stringent requirements of the Health Care, Automotive, Appliances, Electronic, Toys and others Industries, let this company to earn the trust of many leading global companies as customers.

Elix Polymers produces:
- ABS resins (Elix ABS)
- ABS blends (Elix PC/ABS),
- ABS/ SAN modifiers.

The Liquid Purification Technologies business unit (LPT) is one of the world's foremost suppliers of products for treating water and other liquid media. We hold a leading position in the development and production of ion exchange resins and are very active in a new business line for reverse osmosis membrane elements. Production sites are located in Leverkusen and Bitterfeld, Germany, and in Jhagadia, India.

 With Lewatit® ion exchange resins and the new Lewabrane® reverse osmosis membrane elements, we offer our customers not one but two premium technologies that are perfectly adapted to one another. While membrane technology is very cost-efficient for water with a high salt content, only ion exchange resins can purify water with low salt concentrations to the point where only trace amounts remain.

Our high-performance products are used in numerous industries to treat and purify water and other liquid media. The most well-known and significant field of application is the treatment of industrial process water. Energy suppliers use our products in the production of boiler feed water and steam to avoid scale and corrosion. This results in a significant increase in the efficiency, operational reliability and service life of the power plants.

The most important brands & products:
• Lewatit® ion exchange resins
• Lewabrane® RO membrane elements

Seasons change, fashions change, leather remains. LANXESS Leather (LEA) is one of the few suppliers providing the full range of chemical products necessary for the manufacture of leather: inorganic and synthetic tanning agents, preservatives and fat liquoring agents, dyestuffs and pigments as well as the tanning and finishing auxiliaries. A Cooperation agreement with The Dow Chemical Company, formerly Rohm and Haas Company enlarges LANXESS' product range even further.

The most important brands & products:
• Tanning auxiliaries: Baymol®*, Cismollan®, Preventol®, Baykanol®*,
• Mineral tanning and retanning products: Baychrom®*, Blancorol®*, Chromosal®
• Synthetic/organic tanning and retanning products: Tanigan®, Retingan®, Leukotan™**, Levotan®, Lubritan™**
• Fatliquoring Agents: Baykanol®
• Colorants: Baygenal®*, Levaderm®, Euderm®, Bayderm®*, Eukanol®
• PU dispersions: Bayderm®*, Aquaderm®
• Finishing auxiliaries: Aquaderm®, Euderm®, Eukanol®, Baysin®*, Xeroderm®, Primal™**, Acrysol™**
• Solvent-containing top coats: Isoderm®
• Special processes: Baygen®*, Levacast®

Our Material Protection Products (MPP) are used practically everywhere in the world in a broad range of applications ranging from active ingredients for anti-microbial, insecticide products to preservatives.

We deliver custom solutions for almost all sectors of industry, especially the wood protection industry, the paints and coatings industry, the construction sector, health and personal care product manufacturers and the food industry.

The most important brands & products:
• Preventol®: active ingredient for in-can preservation, disinfectants and wood
• Tektamer® and Biochek®: active ingredients for in-can preservation
• Metasol®: fungicide for coatings, caulks and adhesives
• Velcorin®: technology concept for non-alcoholic beverages and wine

The LANXESS Technical Rubber Products (TRP) business unit, supplies its customers with an extensive portfolio of technical rubber products. As one of the leading global suppliers of synthetic rubber for the rubber processing industry, TRP provides materials and components that have a broad spectrum of uses. For example as modifiers for plastics and adhesive raw materials, as functional components for the automotive and cable engineering industries, and for the gas/oil exploration and production industries, or for the soles of your shoes.

The most important brands & products:
• THERBAN®: hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR)
• LEVAPREN®: ethylene-vinyl acetate rubber (EVM)
• LEVAMELT®: ethylene-vinyl acetate rubber (EVM)
• BAYPREN®*: polychloroprene solid rubber and latices (CR)
• BUNA EP: ethylene-propylene[-diene] rubber (EP[D]M)
• BAYMOD®* L: ethylene-vinyl acetate rubber (EVM)
• PERBUNAN®: acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR)
• LEVATHERM® F: fluoroelastomers (FKM)