Welcome to the EyePod!

”EyePod” is a new podcast from Bayer Ophthalmology in Scandinavia and targets listeners active in the ophthalmology profession and others interested in eye care, such as patients and their relatives.

“EyePod” can be seen as a new tool to distribute and discuss various topics related to eye care, for example the latest scientific news, or how to handle daily challenges at the clinics such as the increased demand on resources following the revolutionizing development in ophthalmology over the last decade.

Shahin Aeinehband is responsible for producing the podcast, together with Roza Ghotbi and Beatrice Peebo, all from Medical Affairs.

- The idea of the EyePod came up in our team when realizing there is so much we want to talk about, Shahin explains. A pod is a perfect way of communicating and reaching out to many listeners. We can go deeper and really explain various things in this fascinating therapeutic area.

You are most welcome to listen!

Link for iPhone/Mac: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/eyepod-bayer/id1455566170
Link for Android/Windows: https://www.acast.com/eyepodbayer