Life science innovation race

The Global Life Sciences Innovation Race: Where Does Europe Stand?

Investment in Life Science innovations today represents one of the most high-value areas of investment. Europe, and Sweden in particular, has been given top rankings in the innovation indexes and is seen as a leader in the field. But the race for innovation is speeding up.

Is Europe keeping or losing its competitiveness for life sciences investment vis-à-vis other innovators?

Growth in life sciences innovation output in China and the US is outpacing growth in the EU for many output indicators. In particular, the US shows strengths in cutting-edge innovation, drug development and patenting activities – areas where emerging companies are key drivers. China witnesses high growth rate on all fronts, including highly innovative areas like biologics.

Which issues are impacting the ability to maintain or deepen competitiveness?

Evidence shows a growing gap with the US in availability of investment capital to emerging companies and R&D spending – pointing to the need for the EU to pursue a better investment environment and stronger Government support to life sciences innovation.

Bayer in collaboration with KI Innovations asked Pugatch Consilium for an evidence-based analysis of Europe’s performance in attracting Life Sciences innovation investments. Here is the report and summary.